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Case Studies | Advertising: RRB

Wind energy companies had been going through rough weather for reasons more than one. RRB Energy Limited approached us to breathe life into its brand established in India as well as abroad. RRB’s brand standing wasn’t great, as before approaching us, it had done very little in marketing communication. It was gasping for fresh life as only few of their turbines had generated good interest in the national and international market.
Now was a good opportunity for them to build the brand and popularize those specific models, which were apt for success in the European market. Before we went on to start the B2C communication, we strengthened the B2B communication by refurbishing their brand, their product brochure and films. RRB was now ready to answer customer queries. Starting with mass media, we positioned the brand for a distinct visual presence and created a niche for their products. Building the brand on its core values, we published several ads in suitable magazines.
To stand out from me-too competition and catch attention, we created a unique image that would make anyone stop and take notice. The headline and a little content were just enough to introduce the company and also arouse curiosity to call and want to know more. These ads were planned in a way to invite European readers and customers; hence we kept the look and feel international and contemporary European.

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