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ARC, an initiative that has led Indian Market from the front in the domain of innovative solutions in usage of stainless steel for an aesthetic enhancement of a construction, installation or structure. Floated by JSL, ARC has a great future in the totally untapped Indian Market. And so an unmistakable opportunity to shape this domain’s personality as well and claim the leadership position right from the time of Brand personality revamp. Seizing this opportunity, the new revamped ARC’s Brand Logo reflects Innovative Solutions, Aesthetics, Utility, Durability, Trust and unparalleled game changing potential.

The fonts chosen to write ARC personifies durability, uprightness and clear-cut tall standing in the market place. Upper case of the font suggests pride and confidence. And the shade of color blue is the color of trust, allegiance and class. Taking the brand personality to a newer height, ARC’s brand values and promises are depicted through this specially created path of rays that is travelling in different directions converging to form a prism, depicting a vivid, charismatic, established and unwavering aura ascertaining it’s successful background and the dynamic glorious future. Each of these rays stands for different brand values and promises of ARC.

This successful background and the dynamic glorious future personified through this prism like pneumonic, has been positioned strategically at the right top corner of the Fonts writing ARC to give it the same significance and disposition as the ‘raise to the power of’ sign. It magnifies the personality of this logo umpteen number of times; bringing about the much needed sense of grandeur.

To further elevate and claim the undisputed leadership in the market, the tag line does the trick. It not only provides perceptional owning of the entire industry to ARC by claiming “Solutions in Stainless by Jindal” but also leaves no mark for any company in future to claim bigger positioning. Usage of this as part of the tag line brings immediate recognition, connectivity and trust. The Logo as an entity is symbolic of all that ARC stands for and aspires to be. A true characterization of a legend to be!

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