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Background : In the first decade of year 2000, India was going through a complete revamp in its market places, consumer behavior, availability of products / services and consumer perception and the driving force was the on going liberalization and consumer expectation. Going to a Pub or a Bar was more of having discreet fun with friends over dinner and drinks. Most of the Pub’s and Bar’s would be dark and dingy as drinking was considered more of a sin than fun. It would prohibit many people from going to such places and enjoy the lighter side of going to a Pub and a Bar. Also for sports, people would automatically interpret it as Cricket, and it was enjoyed at home on TV with or without friends.

Challenges and Opportunities : As the market was expanding and the consumers were expecting new things to come, a Chain of Sports Bar in the country would have given a lease of fresh air. This would not only bring the lighter and fun side of going to a Pub and bar but also would have given Sport buffs a new way to enjoy their favorite sports in multi screen large environment. This format was far from being dark and dingy and encouraged people to come with family and friends of all ages, throwing many options of sports recreation and indulgence in nice and bright, fresh and energetic environment. The Client was desirous of reflecting these values, changing the perception of going to the Bar, establishing “All Sports Bar” for sports entertainment hub with the help of right Brand Identity and collaterals. The Name of the Brand was specifically kept as “All Sports Bar” trying to communicate that it catered to all the popular sport events.

Solution : We chose a Sporty yet bold looking font over a flying curvature shape giving it a sporty yet serious (non superficial) look. Furling Flags of a triangular shape were used on both sides of the specially stylized fonts to give it an Iconic stature. These flag also hinted towards victory, fun and enjoyment. Red color was used to bring the element of passion, where as black color was used to give it stability and solidity. The Brand was given a tag line of “Eat .Drink .Watch Sports”, suggesting the new shape of sports entertainment married with a bar concept.

Creating the imagery for the brand further, we expanded the thought to other elements like Servers' Uniform, Table Mats, Coasters, Bill Book, Tent Card, Specially Designed Tabloid Menu (changed every Month) having news and views on sports from experts and special journalists, a unique website, amongst plethora of other branding collaterals.As the chain grew from strength to strength, the look of the Brand logo was improvised to bring novelty, while maintaining the ethos, values and core identity of the brand.

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