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In the number of brands we have launched over time, ‘All Sports Bar’ stands out as an example of success in terms of brand designing and development.

In the first decade of 2000, liberalization was seeping into India and changing consumer behavior, availability of products and services as well as the market. Earlier, going to a bar or a pub meant shady, dark, dingy places with sleepy bartenders where people went for a drink and were discreet about it. Since drinking was considered a vice, visiting bars and pubs was looked down upon. Hence, a lot of people who wanted to unwind with a drink could not do so. Pubs and bars were limited only to some people. Hence, the concept of a bar was very limited. Sports too, were limited to cricket and were mostly watched at home with friends or family.

Challenges and Opportunities

The idea was to bring sports frenzy out of homes and into places buzzing with energy. People were getting experimental and open to change. The novelty of a chain of sports bars in the country offered a fun place to come to after a hard day’s work, relax, unwind, have a drink or a laugh or two as well as a vibrant, energetic environment for sport buffs to gather and watch sports on large screens with food and drink. The format was far from the eyesore of dark and dingy pubs. It was the kind of happening place one could frequent with family and friends and indulge in sports recreation. The environment was infused with the contagious energy that comes with watching a match with a large number of people cheering. Our client wanted to change the perception of going to a bar, by establishing ‘All Sports Bar’ as a sports entertainment hub. The name of the brand ‘All Sports Bar’ was used to emphasize that they catered to all sports events.


We went for a bold and sporty font over a flying curvature shape that resonated with the sports angle of the bar. To give it an iconic look, we used furling flags on both sides of the font, the flag giving off a feel of triumphant victory as well as fun and cheer. We used a combination of striking red and black colors, the red exuding passion and the black lending the image stability and class. The brand was given a funky and young tagline, “Eat. Drink. Watch Sports’, which showed off the merging of a bar and sports concept. This tagline, which sounded like a mantra, was bound to catch the eye. To go with the image of the brand, we extended the theme to servers’ uniform, tablemats, coasters, bill book, tent card and a specially designed tabloid menu that changed every month. A unique website full of news and views on sports from journalists and experts. It was a novel concept and with the creativity we put in to present the brand with its core values, it certainly stood out.

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