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Case Studies | Brand Revamp: ARC by Jindal Steel

Brand Revamp is our area of expertise. In our decade and a half of operations, We have revamped more than a dozen serious and large brands. It’s grueling but we put in our best.
Floated by steel giant Jindal Stainless Limited, ARC is an initiative that led the Indian market in the domain of innovative solutions. It adorned constructions, installations and structures with aesthetically designed stainless steel.
ARC has a great future in the untapped Indian market. The goal then, was to shape its personality and claim leadership in this domain for the brand.
We seized the opportunity and made optimum use of it. The new revamped ARC’s brand logo resonates with its innovative solutions, aesthetics, utility, durability, trust and its game-changing potential.
The fonts chosen for ARC reflect its high position in the market place. We chose an upper case font to suggest pride and confidence and dipped it in hues of blue to give a feel of allegiance and class. To portray the brand’s unique personality we needed something equally spectacular in terms of image. Hence, we picked an image of path of rays travelling in different directions, which converge to form a prism. This image resonated with the core values of ARC. It depicted vividly, with charisma, the dynamism and success of the brand.
The prism that converges and diverges into spectacular colors has been positioned strategically at the right top corner of the ARC logo to show its elevation, its rise to power.
The prism endowed the logo with grandeur. To emphasize the brand’s goal of undisputed leadership in the market, we came up with a corresponding tagline. It not only provides for perceptional owning of the entire industry by ARC by claiming “Solutions in Stainless by Jindal” but also leaves no space for any company in future to claim bigger positioning.
Their catchy tagline was sure to draw attention towards itself. The logo as an entity is symbolic of all that ARC stands for and aspires to be. A true characterization of a prospective legend!

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