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Case Studies | Custom Design & Development: Day & Night News & Huawei

At Apppl Combine, we always strive for a signature image or design to represent our piece of communication in whichever medium used. This ensures that we stay in the consumer’s mind. Each of these custom designs development has been marked with some thoughtful innovation reaching out to a particular purpose in the brand communication. For a new channel, Day and Night, now a strong Punjabi regional channel, we had to form a strong connect with the suburban population. Our medium of communication (newspaper and hoardings) had become much cluttered. We needed to use images that were far from the regular visuals; but at the same time connect with the masses. Intellectual images would have resulted in a waste of time and money. So, we decided to go to their roots and take an image from the daily lives of the suburban populace. We elaborately shot images and converted them into an illustration with image creation and development software.
To a market, which used the same old generic shots, these images looked outstanding.
Similarly, for the launch of Lotto in India, we came up with a very strong image for our pitch .We depicted a goddess (apparently Nike), with her head tonsured into a distinctly carved out map of India and wearing a Lotto logo pendant. She was looking at a landing shoe in a packed stadium, roaring with fanfare. In the teeming stands were the words, ‘NOW IN INDIA’.
The image and its communication was so powerful and dominant, it made all other competitors sit up and take notice. So was our campaign design for the launch of Ascend 1 of Huawei an exemplary piece of work. The brand stood for both beauty and brains and we translated this by bringing Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe together in a romantic pose. The special image development was done by finding suitable images for both and then combining them together to bring out the blend of intellect and beauty.

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