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The time is just ripe for us to take a big leap, a big leap from what best we have been doing till now. It is not only because of the fact that the market dynamics are changing ever since, but also primarily because we are the torchbearer of this crusade against Cancer and other super specialties. The responsibility sits large on our shoulders to keep leading the crusade. Having one of the largest pools of Cancer survivors to our credit is not only because of us having an endless continuous up gradation through best of technological advancements, knowledge, skills, infrastructure, most advanced machines and processes in place, but also because we have our souls and sacrifices behind the purpose. These responsibilities translate well into action when we grow and evolve as the time and advancements may require us to. We have taken this challenge in our stride and are keeping pace with the changing time, challenges and opportunities.

Adding to many previous chapters of success and glory, its time we started writing another. Lets begin with communicating effectively to the outside world, so that advancements and challenges we undertake reaches more and more patients from around the country and different quarters of the globe. Our Brand projection and perception amongst the existing and prospective target audience could be more convincing, aspiring, emotive and appropriate, in tune with our larger philosophy, vision and time. I am proud and delighted to unveil the new Brand Identity of our crusade Called Dharamshila, the foundation stone for our duties towards the fight against Cancer and uplifting other super specialties, spreading new rays of hope and the desire to see a better tomorrow.

Our new Brand Identity stands for the brighter tomorrow that we can potentially bring in the lives of countless Cancer patients and ailing patrons. Symbol of the rising Sun represents not only a better and brighter tomorrow in the lives of all our patients but also represents energy, healing and life. Usage of shades of green and orange signifies life and healing.Rays from the sun spreading in all directions stands for the far-reaching vision and philosophy of DHARAMSHILA in our lives. Rays shaped as petal shows our soft and caring approach towards implementation of our vision and philosophy. Usage of shades of blue for our Brand name signifies strengths and determination that our crusade stands for. In totality the new Brand identity stands for a more determined Dharamshila with renewed energy infused in it for a brighter tomorrow, to withstand all challenges of future and to pursue all opportunities that lie ahead.

Lets get together for living upto, what best we are known for. Wish you all the best.

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