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Background : A one of a kind platform syncing the features of e-commerce and exhibition selections together. This novel site caters to the select super rich connoisseurs, patrons and young aspirants who like to associate themselves with products that exude an aura of exclusivity. As rightly expressed by them "Rarest of the rare products from around the world on one platform".

Challenges and Opportunities : Since, this was a platform founded on exclusivity and rarity catered to the elite, chic and classy people, the entire brand design had to revolve around exclusivity and rarity while targeting the super-rich. The brand design had to subtly echo brand recall as associated with other luxury brands.

Solution : We had to give this brand a fresh face, a new feel and a timeless air, so we started out by focusing on the words that were used to describe the brand namely exclusivity, rarity, connoisseurs, rich and elite. Bringing life into these words, we chose to use the name of the brand in the logo itself to bring a unique distinction to the brand.

The brand name "Exopia" was lettered in black with the font styled in a flowing manner where in each letter is blended into one another symbolizing the availability of different products across the globe brought to a singular platform. The terms "e-commerce and exhibitions" that bring further clarity into the mind of the consumers as to what the brand offers was subtly shown below the name of the brand. However, highlighting and emphasizing at the same time that these were entities of the brand itself, the "E" was magnified in Exopia. Further, we did not use a singular flow in the font, all letters have been written and stylized in a different manner bringing a feel of uniqueness and weight in each letter.

In addition to the logo, we also designed a backdrop that had the base colour of ivory defining exclusivity. When the logo and the backdrop are brought together, a real time feel of elegance and timelessness is created that results in higher brand recall.

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