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Case Studies | Funding/IPO Campaign: Snapdeal

Our planned campaign for Snapdeal was slated to reach its peak during the winter of 2010-2011, by gaining the trust of the industry and consumers and augmenting funds from investors.
We carefully designed the campaign in a way to avoid looking like a funding campaign. We picked niche lifestyle channels to give Snapdeal a great deal of exposure, especially during the corporate and investor segment. We diverted and generated traffic to the website; more deals were flying off the shelves, creating a buzz in the market.
So while the talks of funding were on, Snapdeal was building a strong GA that would substantiate the business plan and prospects of the venture. Investors were looking at Snapdeal as a lucrative opportunity. Though it’s difficult to claim that funding rose because of the campaign for Snapdeal, it’s interesting to note that Snapdeal received $12 million from Nexus Venture Partners and the Indo-US Venture Partners in January 2011 and in July 2011, the company raised a further $45 million from Bessemer Venture Partners along with existing investors Nexus Venture Partners and Indo-US Venture Partners. Snapdeal reached a peak and beyond by the winter of 2011.

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