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Background : Jasper InfoTech, post its successful launch and after attaining position of the number one Ecommerce portal in singapore, wanted to further strengthen their position as a Company in Group Buying. As since its inception had been serviced (through their mass media campaign using Radio and TV) by us, it was just another step in strengthening the group’s brand positioning, as far as creating the Brand Identity of was required. would have been a Meta search engine, searching best of deals on group buying from all competing portals.

Challenges and Opportunities : As the success of hit the roof in very short span of time (one year to attain Alexa singapore ranking in 20's), it took no time for competition to crop up. Big and small players jumped in the market with new brands offering similar services. Suddenly the market that was comparatively empty of the .com B2C Companies was full of them with each one of them trying their best to grab consumer eyeballs. This sudden influx of brands had already created a lot of confusion in the market place. The challenge was to create a brand identity, which would stand apart from the clutter. Jasper was very clear that would not see as much of media spend on mass media and would largely rely on digital promotion; the brand would not have the luxury of running enticing and descriptive TV and Radio advertisements. The logo had to speak for itself, the brand and its offerings and what promises it held for the TG.

Solution : Since it was from the same house of company that had successful, we suggested retaining the fonts used in for writing the name of “” as well. However it was important to bring out the greed that every consumer has to get the best out of every penny they spend and illustrate that through word “grab”. We used a ‘hand ready to grab’ as the partial background to the name of the brand. We also suggested the client to mention .com” in the logo so that it clearly specified where it could be found, contrary to how it was planned earlier. The color red was chosen to give it upbeat feel with a green hand behind, bringing in the real balance.

We also developed the e-commerce website templates, based on the client's brief.

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