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Background : The Hussey Group, a luxury retail brand founded by Haini Hussey, an international supermodel from Singapore who rose to global fame and dominated the fashion world from a very young age.

Challenges and Opportunities : The client wanted to use the letter “H” and develop the entire brand around it. The letter which is the same as her name had to subtly signify a true fashionista in all spectres. They also wanted to create a brand design that was unique, distinct yet profound.

Solution : Highlighting the letter “H” in the brand logo while bringing out uniqueness at the same time, the already available fonts were not used in designing the logo. The complete letter “H” was hand drawn giving the logo a unique, custom feel that cannot be replaced. The letter “H” was given a bold red outlook, so that the logo was eye-catching and prominent and could be seen from far.

As we are all aware the fashion industry weaves itself around a myriad of colours, designs, and patterns that in their own way are unique. To bring out these same characteristics, we chose to use a backdrop of a kaleidoscope highlighting the intricacies of colours, patterns, designs and thought processes that go behind making a luxury brand successful.

By using this backdrop, we achieved two objectives, one that illustrated the kaleidoscopic nature of the industry and two, the high quality and unique retail products being offered by the group.

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