K Ranjan, Managing Director

K Ranjan ( Managing Director )

A Painter and Musician by DNA and an Entrepreneur by choice. 20+ years of handling brands and businesses with fellow entrepreneurs, sowing and nurturing new ideas and initiatives. 18+ years as Managing Director of Apppl Combine, strengthening, growing and heading businesses of four countries (India, Singapore, UK and Hong Kong). Won and serviced blue chip brands for their integrated advertising and Marketing campaigns in Asia. Mastered another expertise in making START-UPs, a success story. Strategic and creative lighthouse of the group, leading business-building campaigns. A believer with a foresight who mapped the gap between today and tomorrow for brands and businesses, helping them realize their true potential. A true leader who converged energies and talents of best of non-competing companies to form a larger conglomerate, that we call Apppl Combine. While Apppl Combine ensures Clients get 360 degree solutions through one window under one roof, the able guidance of K Ranjan shapes up Specialist wings like Turn Global, Code01, 300 Frames and fox & Angel ensuring concentrated efforts for clients and streams that need specialist focus. A family man, who loves to travel and explore geographically and also the journey that life is....

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