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Background : Lolick is a new product from the Great Food and Beverage UK LLP, a private rapidly growing, food and beverages company in Asia. They provide ready-to eat snacks, confectionery and frozen fruit bars. Their USP is fun, innovation and convenience. This brought them to introduce “Lolick” a unique and innovative snack that mix’s the experience of a lollipop with sweet and sour chili powder making it an explosive flavour experience which is fun and irresistible.

Challenges and Opportunities : The client wanted to launch the product in India.They wanted a complete brand package that includesbrand design and packaging. They wanted the brand design to appeal to children and youngsters who would also be their prime target group. Additionally, they wanted the logo to radiate the feeling of joy and happiness that a consumer would feel upon trying the product. It was introduced in 2 flavours Mango Explosion and Watermelon Splash.

Solution : We represented the complete name of the product in the logo as the name is unique and would garner lot of attention. However, the name was not used plainly, but customised to generate appeal and interest in the target audience. The entire brand name was hand drawn, rounded and coloured to create childish appeal.

The letter "O" in "Lolick" was replaced by a big fat smiley that would have definitely interested children, and had got stuck on to their minds. Thus giving the entire brand a feeling of joy and happiness. Bright colours like blue and red were used to create a powerful impact in the mind of the consumers.

Since the GFB group launched “Lolick” in 2 flavours, each logo was outlined by the colour of the respective fruit, yellow in case of mango and red in case of watermelon. This helped in creating an immediate distinction of flavours in the mind of the consumers without having to especially spell it out forthem.

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