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Background : Mmojah, a retail shoe brand has made a mark in the retail market place by providing good quality products at affordable prices. Their major target audience are the peopleresiding in tier-II and tier –III cities.

Challenges and Opportunities : The client wanted to design a logo that caters to their product i.e. shoes. However, they also wanted the design to be futuristic so that in case the group decides to diversify into other products, then they can make use of the same logo.

Like all retail brands they wanted the brand design to be aspirational, memorable and unique. A design that by itself will set the brand apart from other numerous competitors already present in the market.

Solution : The name of the brand was used to capture the imagination of the people, however it was stylized in a bold format to make it eye-catching and to create a long-lasting impact in the minds of customers. The colours of the brand red and blue were used in the logo to generate a greater brand recall.

The bold image was also given to the font especially, so that if the logo is embossedat different places it would be visible and distinct. To give it an element of aspiration, an image of wings and waves were used together in the brand colours of red and blue. The use of wings symbolised that the brand was set to rise higher and the wave was specifically used to show that the present and upcoming products from the line of Mmojah were creating waves in the market. A tag line of “Badhtekadam” was added below the logo, clearly defining that the brand was rising exponentially.

The same logo was also provided in Hindi, keeping in mind the expansive presence of the brand across India.

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