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Background : Mundial Grupo is a multi brand luxury Fashion line product Company offering Handbags, T-Shirts, Umbrella, Fashion accessories and Fashion Computer Accessories. It also retails premier brands like Robin Ruth in Singapore and few other South East Asian Countries. The Company wanted to start the journey of attaining global status of a cult brand like Gucci and DKNY. Currently retailing premier brands from across the globe in local markets of Singapore and South-east Asian countries, Mundial also wanted to keep its future projection clearly planned for introducing its own set of luxury product line.

Challenges and Opportunities : A Spanish word meaning the World or Global phonetically did not sound a great name to get famous. What encouraged us was the fact that cult brands like Cartier (means one who transports goods, in old English) and Chanel (means pipe in old French) too would not have sounded much relevant when they started. It's the aura created around these brand names that has made them so successful today. The Client wanted a symbol or mnemonic to be developed, so that in future, we didn't have to spell the entire name and that symbol/mnemonics would be more than enough to mention/remind of the brand.

Solution : We wanted to take the same route as taken by all the top brands, without reinventing the wheel and create brand identity that would be timeless, as fashion goes in a circle. As personality and background of the brand owner was artistic and elite, we knew (as well were given some sample pieces of products that was in pipeline for being launched under branding of Mundial) and were assured by the client that product line of Mundial would hold some bit of artistic element in it. We created a logo unit that had letter “M” itched in a floral artistic design represented with antique, elite and sophisticated personification. Pastel color of blue was chosen to imply calm, Peace and Royal character. Keeping it contemporary, the font for spelling the entire name of the company was chosen to be soft, straight and definitive.

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