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Great Food and Beverage UK LLP is a private, rapidly growing food and Beverages Company in Asia. It manufactures ready-to-eat snacks, confectionary and frozen fruit bars. When faced by the reality of the Indian market, they came to us for an immediate facelift. We had to figure out how to best design and package their forthcoming product, alongside their bestseller and flagship product, FruitChill. On research we found that the bestseller was doing well but was not growing. New customers were not trying the product. The company decided to launch two new products to ensure revenue, while FruitChill went for an overhaul. The two products launched were no stopgap arrangement. GFB pitted them as sub category builders and differentiators. Lolick was a mango and watermelon flavored lollipop while Cracky was flavored popcorn with caramel, strawberry and Mexican chili flavors. Keeping the TG it had to attract in mind, we chose an agile and mischievous looking monkey to be on top of the packet of Cracky. The pack shot told the story between the monkey and the product.
The color was eye catching and it stood out in its retail space but stayed within the color theme of the flavors. For Lolick we wanted a consumer to take one look at it and realize it’s no ordinary lollipop. The design told them how to eat it and recounted a story in active phase. We also developed logos of Lolick and Cracky based on a theme. After launching these two products in the market, we focused on FruitChill. All out trade connections, vendors and distributors opined that it needed a facelift. Keeping the shape, size and dimensions same, we expanded the printed area of the pack by some mms to give us space to brandish our creativity.
We designed it in a way to make fruits with particular flavors standout even from a distance, to make fruit lovers make a beeline towards the product. FruitChill is cool and fruity, so we put a picture of fruit encased in a transparent ice cube with a drop of water trickling from it. This exuded a cooling sensation as well as the feeling of juicy fruit. We also fine-tuned the logo and gave it a brighter appearance. People were sure to pick up FruitChill for hot summer afternoons.

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