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Case Studies | Plugging Brands: Snapdeal

We utilized our knowledge of brand management and plugging skills to give Snapdeal huge exposure when it was floundering. Snapdeal was a novel concept back in 2010 as the Internet was still something new and alien for many people. Snapdeal was offering heavy discounts on dining, entertainment, lifestyle products and services, similar other medium and heavy ticket consumables in return for increased visibility and augmented consumer base to merchants. However, the target group did not take to it immediately, habituated as it was to over the counter purchases where they could touch and test the quality of the tangible products. People were wary of online transactions fearing misuse of credit card information and theft.
We focused on the youngsters as they’re always enthusiastic about new concepts and start trends, which snowball into changing opinions for everyone else. In 2010, youngsters were more dependent on TV for entertainment. MTV was a youth channel while the niche SEC A leaned towards channels like TLC and NDTV Goodtimes. We picked the massively popular ‘Roadies’ show which had a lot of young viewership, to plug in Snapdeal. The host Ranvijay introduced Snapdeal and explained the concept of a portal with great deals on a wide variety of products and services. He gave the contestants a task revolving around Snapdeal. The task was to increase their earning on Snapdeal. The concept fit in beautifully with the content of the show.
The exposure received by Snapdeal through this show was massive as it was such a hit with the youngsters that they became naturally curious to learn more about Snapdeal. Sure enough, traffic increased on Snapdeal and deals began to fly off the shelves.

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