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Background : This was another case of backward integration (like All Sports Bar). This was at the time when .com companies had taken a beating during their first bubble-up phase. While many .com companies had shut shop, few were still surviving the harsh reality. Two visionary young entrepreneurs conceptualized Zenga Mail, in an effort to bring push mail services to every GPRS enabled mobile handsets, free of cost (unlike the expensive services of Blackberry).

Challenges and Opportunities : Even we couldn't believe that Push mail services could be free to the end user. But it was an outstanding business model that made it possible. The first challenge was to make people believe that Push mail service could be free. Also it needed to project futuristic personality, making people enroll to the services. As it was a start-up, the company did not have much resource to invest for promotions. And thus the brand identity had to live up to multiple tasks of telling the TG what Zenga Mail did, making people believe in the possibilities, inspiring them for immediate association and the strive to spread the word.

There were few opportunities that needed considerable attention. No service provider ever thought of such a platform to offer free push mail services to the end consumer, .com companies were again summoning courage to come out of the slump and digital media was experiencing huge expectations and changes.

Solution : We created a "push" button in bright orange color with convex curvature. The button thus portrayed vibrancy significantly present in the young and vibrant TG (core TG was between 15-35 years). Two swoosh each on left and right sides of the push button were created to depict the wind of change. This also served the dual purpose and made remaining part of the push button look like the alphabet “Z”, the first letter of Zenga. Shades of Orange and blue colors were set in perfect visual contrast for an appealing look. Zenga Mail font was hand drawn and was set in the same color pattern. As the brand diversified further, the mother brand “Zenga Entertainment” was created, along with other sub brands Zenga TV and Crick Zenga. With the diversification of brand, the Webpage for each new sub brand was created by us.

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